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Marcella Koenen
Noorderweg 23
9356 TG Tolbert
0594 548840

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About us

We are Marcella Koenen and Vincent van Zal. We live in Tolbert, a small village in between Groningen and Drachten where next to our dogs we also keep a small herd of sheep, 2 donkeys and a few chicken.
Our kennel was founded in 991, the year our first litter was born. We had our first Sheltie in 1988, a sable male that was a few inches too big but introduced us to the wonderful world of the Shetland Sheepdog.

Our second Sheltie arrived in the spring of 1989. Her name was Sheltex Fizzy Lizzy, she came from England and was a daughter of the worldfamous Ch.Pepperhill Blue Fizz.
Lizzy became the mother of our first litter and can still be found behind many of our dogs today. She gave us our first homebred champion and started off 3 generations of homebred champions.

After Lizzy followed another 2 girls from England. Bred by the Blazecroft kennel. The first, Blazecroft Danish Blue can be found behind all our present blue merles. The second: Ch.Blazecroft Charlie's Angel, only had 1 litter in which was our first homebred sable champion bitch Dawnville March Brings Gales who herself also only got 1 litter but this is where this line stopped.

In 2000 we imported a male together with another breeder. It was a tricolour dog, born in England and exported to South Africa from where he moved to Canada with his owners. His name: Ch.Faradale Frisbee for Grandgables. Frisbee has brought us many good things but most importantly brought us in contact with the Grandgables Shelties and in 2003 we decided to try something new and import an American bred girl
Grandgables Tri A Pose (Tempo) came to us in March 2003 at 10 months of age. Our decision to import a Sheltie from American/Canadian lines was not appreciated by a few other breeders but we have showed Tempo with lots of fun and with lots of success and she became the first and so far only American/Canadian Sheltie who became a Dutch Champion.
Tempo is the mother of 2 champions out of 2 litters and we now have one of her granddaughters with whom we hope to continue these lines.

After Tempo we imported another Canadian girl (Can.Ch.Newdaw What's Up) but unfortunately Flirt only had 1 living baby ever which was not suitable to keep for breeding.

So, although not everybody might appreciate it, most of our dogs are partly bred along American lines but never more than 50%.

We try to combine the best of both worlds, character and health are our main priority but our dogs have also proven to be very succesful at shows.

Because we have our dogs mainly because we love them and enjoy their company we do not belong to these breeders who rehome their older dogs once they are no longer used for breeding. None of our older dogs has to move out to make place for something younger and as we want to keep numbers down we sometimes have very promising puppies available to serious people.